Neverland's Lost Girl

"Here's to never growing up. . . "


the top image is what we’ve been using for our half-time performances for football games, and the bottom image is our Competition dress!!! I’m excited though because they’re gonna let us use our dresses for half-time now, and the silver ones for our bleacher dances :)

check out our first two movements here


Check out my performance guys! :) this is my second time performing this show, and my first time in color guard!!!! if you want to know which one i am, I’m the very first one in the front (i stay in the middle for most of the beginning)

The show is called “Music Of The Night”



Just found THIS AWESOME LIST of 34 recipes requiring only 2 ingredients and pretty basic instructions. Some are fantastic alone, and some inspire other basic recipes. Had to share this with you guys.

(via manicpixiedreamalien)

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